Pilates Academy International

The Pilates Academy International is committed to helping dedicated and qualified individuals gain the knowledge and teaching skills they need to become excellent, sought-after Pilates instructors.

A great Pilates instructor must have four essential skills:

  • Solid understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and postural issues

  • Strong command of the Pilates exercise repertoire

  • Ability to see the need for modifications and adjust accordingly

  • Ability to inspire and motivate clients to reach their fitness goals

Without all of the above skills, Pilates instructors cannot provide their clients with the best instruction they could receive and thus prevent the client from reaping all the benefits Pilates has to offer. Our program not only teaches students to analyze and assess a variety of conditions quickly-from the simple to the complex-but also instills students with a wide range of modifications of traditional Pilates exercises. Modifications preserve the intended goal of the exercises, making them accessible to all ages, body types and fitness levels.

As clients embark on their journey to discover healthier movement patterns and find more freedom in their bodies, our students are prepared to help them meet their unique fitness goals.

Each course has its own criteria, all of which can be found under Course Requirements. In summary, to become a fully trained Pilates instructor, over 200 classroom hours are required in addition to personal review, practice teaching and observation hours.  Information on all of our courses can be found on the Course Descriptions.

The Core Curriculum

All Pilates Academy International courses will focus on the following:

  • Fundamental execution of each exercise

  • Anatomy and biomechanics of each exercise

  • Exercise modification skills

  • Cueing and correcting skills

  • Workout design skills

  • Transition skills

  • Progression skills

Pilates Academy International  Course Requirements

The Pilates Academy International upholds course requirements commensurate with other Pilates teachers training programs around the world.

In the chart, prospective students will find the hours required of them both in the classroom and out, as observation, personal practice and practice teaching are all necessary components of becoming a successful Pilates instructor.

PAI Hour Requirements

APM I3520101075
APR I50251515105
APCad I3010101060
APCh I1510101045
APB I844420
APM II555520
APR II1810101048
APCad II1255520
APCh II1255527
APB II422210