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Reformer & Intro to Reformer

Utilizing both classical and modern Pilates moves on the reformer, this class serves those looking to build strength, increase flexibility, and tone the entire body. Through slow and controlled movements, every muscle is targeted in a safe and low-impact manner. We offer small group and private classes to guarantee total guidance and support throughout the class.

We also offer an Intro to Reformer class for those new to the Pilates method or those new to the reformer. The Pilates method is so important to learn and understand before jumping straight into a class! During a Intro class, you will learn how to align your spine and pelvis by using your core in order to correctly, and safely, perform the exercises. You will also have the chance to become familiar with the equipment and the studio.


A mix between our Reformer and Accelerate classes, Fusion focuses on burning fat, building strength, and toning the entire body. It is designed to raise your heart rate and enhance your stability. Fusion utilizes the Pilates Reformer, Woodway Treadmills, and Bellicon Trampolines

Mat Fusion

Mat Fusion utilizes your own body weight for resistance and is designed to raise your heart rate. It combines small isometric movements of Mat Pilates, Barre, and core conditioning work to challenge your muscles and change the shape of your body.


Our challenging and low-impact cardio class focuses on building strength and burning fat. Accelerate is unmissable—it's the first and only class of its kind in the Birmingham area. By applying Pilates principles to our state of the art treadmills, rebounders, and spring board, we've developed a unique, upbeat circuit-training class guaranteed to burn those calories!


For those in search of a little extra cardio or simply looking to add a warm-up or cool down to a class, we offer the opportunity to secure our low-impact treadmills for 45-minutes sessions. Our woodway treadmills are the most luxurious treadmills on the market and provide the perfect beginning or end to a Reformer or Accelerate workout.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a low impact yet powerful workout. It uses your own body weight for resistance and focuses on small isometric movements to challenge your muscles and change the shape of your body.